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MIND-BODY-SPIRIT IN HARMONY We provide transformational consults, courses, education and motivation for you and your animals, either in person or remotely (globally). We understand how to address the root cause of health & behavioural issues, and how to provide you with the appropriate information to make the best lifestyle decisions for your animals and yourself. Balancing science, nature and ancient wisdom. Every day brings new knowledge and wisdom.

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Catherine Edwards

Catherine Edwards is the founder of The Catherine Edwards Academy which hosts both online courses and in-person workshops. She also works as a private Therapist offering a range of services for animals and humans, both in person and remotely anywhere in the world, seeking to improve their overall health and vitality. Her unique combination of holistic therapies provides each customer, of whatever species, with a wealth of information to understand the root cause of any imbalances, addressing the physical, emotional and behavioural, and providing lasting solutions to regain balance. With animals Catherine uses a combination of Iridology, Zoopharmacognosy, Red Light Therapy and Animal Communication. As the founder of www.naturallyanimals.co.uk she is uniquely able to offer her clients the best quality natural products to support all their needs, truly providing a one-stop shop for her customers. Catherine uses the principles of the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Programme with her human clients, combined with her extensive herbal and natural remedies.

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